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Jim Gilbert has been snapping photos his entire life.  He's recognized in the music industry, and throughout New York for his dedication to live music and to concert photography.  Jim is also recognized as a top product photographer, whether it is simple household items, the newest high-tech gadget, or a five-course meal at a fancy, new restaurant. 

Music: Jim's work covers all genres of music. He's photographed over a thousand bands and at dozens of venues and festivals. He has been fortunate enough to work with many music legends, but he still loves discovering new artists playing to empty rooms with dreams as big as their talent. After all, some of them will surely be tomorrow's legends.

Product: Both online and print catalogs need photos, Jim is one of the pros at capturing the essence of the product. He predominantly shoots for Amazon, his photos also grace the menus, walls, and print advertising around the country. 

Other: In the little free time that Jim has to shoot, having a full-time job in publishing and being a single father, he still likes to shoot landscapes, urban decay, and other things for fun.  Check out his other work and reach out if you have any questions. 

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